Verso Vase | Midnight Sky 25cm


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Verso Vase | Midnight Sky 25cm

Every single Villeroy & Boch vase is handblown four times from colored glass, producing a brilliant radiance that retains its intensity even after many years. Combine stylish tall and angular shapes to create formal and casual concepts for a unique individual design style.

These stunning Villeroy and Boch vases are a great way to accent your home. They are available in a variety of colours including white, red, green and blue.

Vase features:

    • Designed in Germany.
    • Mouth-blown glass.
    • Dimensions: 250mm.

Villeroy & Boch is an innovative company with a time-honoured tradition. Villeroy and Boch is one of the most important brands in Germany and around the world. The ceramics manufacturing company has been in production since 1748 and has developed into an international lifestyle brand.Villeroy and Boch prides itself on continuously using tradition, quality and authenticity to empower their unique design style. These values inspire people, and give them the freedom to bring beautiful objects into their life.

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